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University 1132 Brown St, Dayton, OH 45409

(937) 458-3233

About Dayton


Our customers deserve our undivided attention, total satisfaction, and a permanent place as a member in our family.

We will do anything we can to benefit those facing extraordinary challenges. Charity is part of our goal.

Our strength lies in our community and we strive toward fostering its wellness and growth.

We believe business is much more than a place to work, it’s an environment for enjoying and sharing.

Dayton team

Director Stylist/Owner

Angie Mehaffie

Director Level Stylist

Stephanie Minutolo

Master Level Stylist

Emily Mickle

Master Level Stylist

Jordyn Howell

Master Level Stylist

Liz Fair

Master Level Stylist

Chelsea Teat

Advanced Level Stylist

Jauntae Blakely

Advanced Level Stylist

Tori Acevedo

Designer Level Stylist

Grace Boman

Designer Level Stylist

Rachel Bartz

Designer Level Hair Stylist

Olivia Nolan

New Talent

Katie Reed

Esthetician, Nail Tech

Kayla Washington

Esthetician/Nail Tech

Yvonne Haley