Square One Salon – Donation



From the beginning, Square One was created with a strong sense of community (it’s actually point three of the Square One four corner focus.) We firmly believe that contributing to and being actively involved in the community is the only way to build and grow the type of communities in which we want to live and work. neighborhoods we want to live and work in.

We often donate our time and services to local causes and charity events. If you would like Square One to contribute to your event or cause, please complete the form below. While we get more requests than we could possibly fill, we can assure you that your requests will be honestly considered.


Please fill out the following information so that we can consider your request. All information will remain confidential and will be used to determine how we will be able to help this cause…(etc). A confirmation will be sent by email to let you know the information sent has been received and is being considered by our team.

We will inform you within 30 days as to how we are or are not able to fill your request

It is very important that we receive feedback on our donation through a follow up form (also on this website) to be completed by you after the event detailing how the donation was received, how it was displayed used, etc…

Note: Please apply for your donation 6-8 weeks prior to your event.

Have we previously donated to this organization?