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Washington Township

Oak Creek 1030 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Washington Township, OH 45459


About Washington Township


Our customers deserve our undivided attention, total satisfaction, and a permanent place as a member in our family.

We will do anything we can to benefit those facing extraordinary challenges. Charity is part of our goal.

Our strength lies in our community and we strive toward fostering its wellness and growth.

We believe business is much more than a place to work, it’s an environment for enjoying and sharing.

Washington Township team

Customer Service/Retail Advisor Team Lead

Katy Menard

Retail & Customer Service Advisor

Brennan Paulin

Director Stylist

Ashley McClure

Director Stylist

Angie Hatfield

Master Hair

Abby Mitchell

Master Stylist

Jamie Bennett

Master Stylist

Sara Johnson

Master Stylist

Paula Barrows

Advanced Stylist

Anna Fletcher

Advanced Stylist

Xiomara Brooks

Advanced Stylist

Natalie Stuckey

Advanced Stylist

Caitlin Parigen

Designer Stylist

Kelsey Klostermeier

Designer Stylist

Gabby Lacy

Designer Stylist

Brooke Chasteen