You Should Treat Your Inner Diva This Summer With A Hot New Perm! - Square One Salon and Spa

July 13 2022


Perms are a fun and flirty trend this year perfect for you to try this summer. We at Square One Salon can offer you the best in styling for a perm- and here is why you should really consider getting one this summer!


Why You Should Get A Perm


Well, if you need to ask, it is because, well…why not? The only reason not to get one is if you do not want one, after all. They are a gorgeous style and a safe procedure that has been practiced for decades. As a matter of fact, modern perms are even better than perms from the past. The technology we have now has allowed us to develop a method of perming hair that is less strenuous on the hair overall. On top of this, a perm doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent if you are unsure about committing. Your perm can last for 2-10 months depending on the technique and how well you care for it. 


Who Can Get Perms?


Anyone! Yes, even your friends with natural curls. People with straight hair get their hair permed because they want it to be curled, but people with curly hair can use perms as a tool to make their curls tighter, more uniform, and precise. So a perm is really for anyone- no matter your hair type. 


Are There Risks?


That depends on your hair. Before you get your hair permed you should have a consultation. This way, your stylist will be able to prescreen your hair to make sure that your hair is healthy and can withstand the chemical treatments that make perms possible. Hair at risk of being damaged by perms is hair that has already withstood a ton of damage or harsh treatments, like box-dyed hair that has become brittle. Your stylist can help recommend products and techniques to make your hair as healthy as it can be while it grows out, and then once the damaged ends are gone, you will be safe to finally get that gorgeous perm.  


Post-Appointment Hair Care


There are some important steps to follow for the first two or three days after your initial perm. These rules are crucial to remember, otherwise, you will risk your perm falling out instead of setting in. One rule to maintain the shape of your beautiful curls is to leave your hair alone for seventy-two hours, forty-eight at the minimum. Your curls are still setting in and if you try to style them, pull them back, or mess with them too much before they have gotten settled, you risk messing up their shape, and your perm will not look as neat and tidy. For this same amount of time, you want to avoid washing it for this same reason- as well as the risk of washing the perm out. Washing it within the few days after your appointment can make it fall flat again, and unless you do not like the way it looks, that is not something anyone wants. You should also avoid any appointments for dying or cutting around this time because your hair is already processing enough and is in a more vulnerable state. So make sure you wait for a few days before scheduling another appointment.


Caring For Your New Curls


Now that you have some amazing new hair, it is important that you know how to care for it! If you are used to straight hair, you are going to want to look up the best way to care for curls, because curly hair and straight hair require different maintenance. For example, using a brush the way you’re used to on straight hair will not fly with curls. There are brushes you can get made especially for curly hair, but as a beginner, your best bet is to put the brush aside for now and pick up a wide-tooth comb. Brushing your curls, especially if you try to brush them dry, will result in a mess of frizz and can even cause damage like split ends. It is best to comb it gently while it is still damp with a detangler or leave-in conditioner to create enough slip on the hair to keep it from causing breakage. You want to find hair products both for cleaning and styling that are not dehydrating as well- look out for parabens, sulfates, and alcohol in your hair care products. Shea butter and coconut oil are two very popular hydrating products to help keep curls bouncy and hydrated. 


When you are ready for your new perm come to one of our wonderful Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or you could even go so far as to visit one of our Ohio locations directly! We are always willing to accept a new client.