Which Of These 8 Stylish 2022 Makeup Trends Is Right For You? - Square One Salon and Spa

July 25 2022

Knowing what hot new makeup trends are out there is a must for the girls who like to keep up with stylish trends. And this year, there are a lot of different options for staples you can try! Here we list just a few of the many vibrant and beautiful makeup trends that you are sure to love this year. With the variety of popularity this year you are sure to find something you will enjoy!


The 2000’s Glossed Lips


If you thought the sleek shiny look of lipgloss was left back in the early 2000s, think again. A nice nude or pink lipgloss is just the thing you need to spice up your makeup look! Lip gloss is for everyone, everywhere right now. Just make sure to steer clear of windy places, especially if you have longer hair. 


Pretty in Pastel Pink


Pink and pastels are one thing that you absolutely can not go wrong with this year. Pink is trending, pastels are trending, and you can get that much more for your money by just getting that pretty pastel pink look that will have everyone turning their heads. You can use this in eyeliner, eye shadows, blush, or lipstick- as long as it is a lovely pastel pink, it will be in style. 


A Dewy Look 


Dewy skin is a minimal look that requires a little more effort than may appear at first glance. It is a subtle makeup look that leaves your skin looking fresh, clear, and lovely. One of the biggest issues with achieving this look can be humidity, but no matter the struggles, this beautiful lively look is worth all the struggle. 


Highlighted Eyes


Highlighter is an absolute blessing to any make-up lover and for good reason. It puts the finishing touches on already pristine looks, making them pop in a bright and beautiful way. But did you know that you can put it on more than just your cheeks and nose? Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes can give your eye makeup much-needed detail you may not have even known was missing. Once you start, you will never want to go back. It can even give you a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance. 


The Kitten Eye


Instead of a bold cat eye, why not try for a more subtle kitten look? The cat eye can be a bit more difficult as it requires more makeup, more time, and more precision. The kitten eye stays on or close to the lash line, so there is little to no room for messing up in comparison. It’s a soft, pretty, and easier-to-apply style of eye make-up you are sure to appreciate. 


Bold and Neon Hues


This is a look for the lady that is feeling a little more daring. Bright and bold looks are in and definitely something you should try at least once. As intimidating as a bold and festive look can be, you will absolutely love the chance to flaunt a beautiful, professional makeup look featuring these attractive colors.


A Freckled Face


Freckles themselves have become a trend recently, to the point where even people without freckles are finding creative ways to have them in their own look. Faux freckles can be a cute way to change up your normal look with a little extra something, and with very little effort. 


Bronze, Gold & Silver Eyes


Metallic makeup looks for your eyes are all over the place this year and are a great way to incorporate some extra shine and sheen to a bold look. You won’t even need a lot, just enough to get that shimmery look on your lid. 


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