Use These Great Tips To Choose The Best Stylist To Work With Your Hair - Square One Salon and Spa

December 15 2022

When you’re in search of a new stylist you want to be sure the one you’re going to see is trustworthy. When it comes to our hair we only want people we know care about it to actually work with it. It is perfectly reasonable, and we completely understand. It’s a process! You need to be comfortable with who you’re paying to do your hair. There are a few different tips and tricks you can utilize to ensure that the person doing your hair is someone you can trust, and we want to share those tricks with you today. 


Do Research!


If you want to find a good stylist you’re going to have to do in-depth research. Find out what salons are near you. Find out what services they provide, check their online site, and see what school the stylists went to. If you can find their social media, that’s even better! Social networking is perhaps one of the best ways for beauty businesses to advertise in the modern world. You will see the salon at its very best, and be able to see which stylists did your favorite looks on their page. 


Try The “Blow Dry” Test


What is the blow dry test you ask? The answer to that is quite simple. If you have not yet built up enough trust for the stylist and the salon before you book yourself for a cut or color you go in for a blow dry instead. This will help you get a feel for your stylist, the salon’s atmosphere, and the talents your stylist possesses. The worst they can do with a blowdry is have you leave the salon with a funny hairdo since blow dries don’t involve cutting, bleaching, or color. If you love the look, you will feel much safer trusting the stylist with the more complex cuts and styles. 


Their Reputation In The Community


As around. Talk to your friends and neighbors to see what they think about the salon. Listen to see if they have any preferred stylists, or have advice on who to avoid. The reputation a salon and stylist have around town will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from them. 


Consultations Are Your Best Friend


Book a consultation with your chosen salon and stylist. This is where you go in and start telling the stylist what you want, and they evaluate your hair. While this is happening you can take this opportunity to ask your stylist questions of your own. If your stylist is able to provide recommendations, and substitutions for looks unfit for your current hair, and try to modify a look in a way that will be suitable to your lifestyle then you know that they take their job seriously. They will also tell you about how you will need to care for your hair post-appointment, and if you’re going in for color they’ll perform a patch test. If you go into a salon for color and they don’t do a patch test before trying to put color or bleach on your hair, that is a pretty big sign that they don’t really care.


They Know About The Latest Trends


When your hairstylist is up to date on the latest trends, you know that they have also been training to be able to execute them well. And they are also able to recommend modifications to your desired look to better accommodate your lifestyle. Say you want a fully blonde color, but don’t want to come in every week to get the roots touched up with shadow roots trending, your stylist can suggest you get these so that you can stay trendy with the low-maintenance style you need. 


To try out one of our wonderful stylists come on around to one of our Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or visit any of our Ohio locations directly!