Update Your Summer Look at Square One Salon - Square One Salon and Spa

June 15 2021

Summer is here and with it comes fun, sun, and the need for change! For many of us, this is the first time we’ll be letting loose and doing some travel, venturing to the beach or pool, and spending more time with friends in the summer sun. Summer is a great time to treat ourselves to an updated hair color or new hairstyle, and there are many options this summer to inspire a change in you!

Warm tones. This summer we’re seeing warmer shades leading the way in this season’s hair color trends. Golden shades for brunettes, warm coppery orange tones for redheads, and rich yellow for blondes, reminiscent of the summer sunshine glow.

Chunky highlights. Highlights are a great way to pull off a warm tone without all-over color. Bold, chunky face-framing highlights have made their way back from the 90s, with massive shine and lots of multi-light-reflecting dimensions. This look is modernized with softer shade differences and a slightly more blended look but still brings attention to you. Babylights and natural-look balayage’s are leading the way with the emphasis on getting you noticed this summer.

Sunny blonde. If you’ve had to let your brilliant blonde take a back seat during this last year’s restrictions that kept you from getting into your Square One Salon, now’s the time to get back in! We’re seeing a great demand this season for intense, dazzling blonde shades – what better way to forge forward into a brighter future than with brighter, brilliant hair color?

Mid-length locks. If last year produced anything positive, it was the chance for women to grow out their hair. We’re seeing a lot of natural, longer lengths this season, but we’re also seeing women embracing a medium length that’s easier to maintain. Medium-length hair is the perfect solution! Short hair is great but does require styling each day. Mid-length hair gives you the freedom to try many different hairstyles for the summer months while being the perfect length to shampoo and go or put into a pony on those busy travel days.

No matter how you decide to change up your hair this summer, you must take care of your hair so it stays healthy and manageable all summer long. At Square One Salon, we offer Aveda haircare products to ensure your hair stays healthy in between salon visits. Your stylist can give you recommendations on the best hair styling products for you based on your hair needs.

Here are some easy tips to protect against heat damage and the elements of the season:

  • Shampoo less often. Shampooing every day can strip away the natural oils found in your hair. Shampooing two to three times a week is typically enough. If you find yourself feeling like you need more, ask your stylist about a dry shampoo to use between shampoos.
  • Condition every day. Even on the days you don’t shampoo, make sure to condition your hair with a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Aveda products also include professional leave-in conditioners to keep your hair soft, shiny, and manageable as needed.
  • Say no to excess heat. Too much heat can make your hair brittle, frizzy, and can lead to breakage. All of this affects the way your hair looks and feels. Summer is the perfect time to ease up on heated styling tools and go for a more natural look. Less heat means less damage. Ask your stylist about Aveda’s Botanical Repair Products to repair damage to your hair.

If you’re ready for a change in your hair color or hairstyle, make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations. You can book online or call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.