Try One Of These 8 Gorgeous Hair Color Trends Hot In 2023 - Square One Salon and Spa

January 30 2023

In 2023 you can expect there to be a lot of great hair colors that you can choose from to be fashionable, and trendy, and express yourself in a way that truly feels like you. Looking at this list, you will find some of the best and our absolute favorite hair color trends for the year so far. 

Lively Light Peach

We are also looking for some brighter more eccentric colors like a gorgeous light-shaded peach to be making their rounds this year. This is a great springtime look to break out when flowers start to bloom and you want to keep up with their vibrant hues.

Inky Black Tones

Black is a color that goes with everything and we want to take advantage of that fact in 2023. Getting a deep inky, cool-colored black will offer a sleek, clean, chic look that can be edgy, professional, casual and everything in between. 

Big Chunky Highlights

For a statement look and noticeable change, chunky highlights are the way to go. Not only are they eye-catching, but they are bold, and can be done in a variety of colors! This look allows for colors to just ribbon and stream through your hair, and is especially beautiful with voluminous, wavy hair. If you like the idea of a chunky highlight, but don’t want it taken all throughout your hair, you can also try a money piece- a highlighting technique that takes chunks of your face-framing hair and uses them to really highlight and accentuate the face

Strawberry Blonde Locks

When it comes to the blonde trends, this one is going to be one of the most popular. This color of blonde adds a little extra color, giving you all the lovely benefits of light, bright hair- with hints of ginger and red to make you stand out. This look will be easy for natural blondes to achieve.

Dusty Sandy Blonde

If you want a slightly more muted, brownish-blond color for your hair then a nice sandy blonde shade will be the look you need to try. This color will have a slight variation in tones through the hair, and depending on the lighting you can have a color that fits a variety of styles. 

Mushroom Brunette Color

For a variety of natural tones, you can look to mushroom brunette for a gorgeous and in-depth shade of brown for your hair. It's a perfect warmer weather color to try, and when combined with a shadow root or highlights you can get an elevated hair color look that will blow your mind. 

Warm Curly Red

Whether you are a natural redhead or want bright fire truck locks, curly red hair is hitting high numbers. Everyone can love a set of curls and with red, you can go for natural colors or big bold looks. This warmer look will add a ton of personality and volume to your, and is the perfect pick me up for hair that lacks life and body. 

Customized Teddy Bear Blonde 

Teddy bear blonde is a color that is a golden take on beige bronde colors. It emphasizes the delicate golden colors in a soft, warm blonde and is a beautiful, simple, neutral color that looks great customized with highlighting techniques that can offer a bit of a unique spin to your lovely color. 

Soft and Peachy Blonde

Everyone is loving warm colors right now and this trend is living proof of that. Instead of a bright and vibrant peach, you can go for a more neutral and soft peach shade to mesh with blonde hair. It blends in well with blonde hair colors, offering a natural orange glow.

If you want one of these gorgeous trendy colors or even something else you want to try, make sure to come to one of our Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or visit any of our Ohio locations directly!