These Popular 2023 Haircuts Will Make You The Talk Of The Town - Square One Salon and Spa

January 15 2023

2023 is the year for trends because the trends this year are absolutely stellar! There are so many gorgeous and breathtaking styles that you will love. Messing around with your style and trying out new things is part of growth, and we are all about helping people express themselves. These are a few of the best trends of the year we think everyone should try.


Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are a popular classic, giving your hair a beautiful, chic, flowy look and offering styling freedom with their length. This style of bangs is just one of many gorgeous bang styles being made popular, and this is one trend that is bleeding over from the previous years. 


Bottleneck Bangs


If you want to try out something a little different but still keep the longer bangs, then You should definitely try out bottleneck bangs this year. Bottleneck bangs keep the face-framing sides that curtain bangs offer while still giving you a taste of shorter bangs in the center. The way they are cut is designed to fade seamlessly into the different lengths and is definitely a great way to experiment with your look without too big of a change this year. 


The Lob


If you want to try out short hair but prefer to still have some length, or just want to try a bob cut without going chin length, then the lob is your best option. This shoulder-length bob style allows you to enjoy the gorgeous shape and cut of a classic bob without giving up your length. This is just one of a variety of great bob styles you can try trending this year. 


The Box Bob


This blunt bob cut is cut off around the cheekbone,  giving you easy-to-maintain, short, cool trendy hair that you will simply adore. With less money on product and less time in maintenance, you will find yourself coming back to this look for months, and even years. 



A Fluttering Layered Butterfly Cut


This great style is a modern take on layered and shaggy styles popularized back in the 70s. With longer hair, your hair is cut strategically to sort of flutter out, like butterfly wings, creating a soft, wispy effect that frames the face beautifully. You can count on this look to really highlight your best qualities. 


Fringed Bob Cut


No matter the bob you choose, you can pair the look with fringe. We particularly recommend classic bobs or box bobs with a blunt cut fringe, for a classic and chic look this year. 


A Mixie Cut


If you have seen the trend for modern mullets then you may have heard of the mixie. A mixie cut is designed to resemble a mullet while you still get to enjoy the ease and beauty of a pixie cut. The hair on the back of your hair, in classic mullet style, is kept longer, however, it is still relatively short. This look is great for anyone looking for a bolder haircut.


Embracing Your Curls


If you are a lady with natural curls then it is time to embrace it! If you were never properly taught how to care for them then find out your curl pattern and learn- because curls are one of the latest trends. We are looking to see a particular uptick in ginger curls as well. This year, we absolutely love curls! 


Consider A Bixie!


Now if you want to combine even more trends then you should look into a bixie cut. This cut mashes together the two popular short cuts of the year- the bob and the pixie. This cut looks both like a shorter bob, and a longer pixie, so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds in this look. It is an easy, manageable, feminine look that any girl can enjoy. 


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