These Are Just Some of the Most Attractive Manicures Trending This Fall - Square One Salon and Spa

September 30 2022

If you are looking for a great fall manicure, you will also be looking for great fall color. Knowing what is trending can be tricky as the seasons change- and we want to help make sure that you are able to keep up to date on all of the most popular trends and fashion changes as they happen. This is why we have a selection of manicure options here, to help make sure that you know. So take your time, and make your choice carefully! 


Easy Neutral Tones


No one can be mad at neutral tones! Tones of soft peach, tan or beige may seem simple, but they are still beautiful. After all, there has to be a reason they are popular! You can even do multiple neutrals on one hand if you want. 


Pearly Decor


Pearl up your nail look with iridescent, decorative, pearly beads! After your nail has been painted, the pearls will be added on wherever you want them to be, to create a beautiful set of 3D nails that you will simply have to adore.


Adorned With Gold


You have heard of the french tip, now get ready for the gold tip. Instead of painting the tips of your nails white, go for an elegant, shiny metallic gold. Common, elegant, and perfect for any occasion, gold-colored french tips are a splendid way to show off your new manicure.


Pumpkin Spice


If you are as big a pumpkin spice fiend as most people, then these pumpkin spice nail ideas should be right up your alley. Shades of mocha, cream, and pumpkin can be utilized to make a fade or ombre across your nails. This idea is a great fall theme and a creative way to amp up your nail game.


Midnight Sky


If you are one that enjoys a particular amount of nail art when you go to the spa, then this trend may be just the thing you need to scratch that itch. Using dark blues and blacks for backgrounds, adding moons and stars to the nails turns your hands into a tiny night sky. 


Try Out Marbling


If you want an elegant fall nail trend but do not want to follow along with fall colors, then why don’t you try a marbled look? This unique and pretty art consists of two or more colors, in many cases black and white, being swirled together to create whirly streaks throughout the canvas. 


Serving Up Chrome 


Chrome is a bold metallic type of nail polish that looks like silver. If you are someone who enjoys deeper metallic colors, and bright bold looks, then a chrome nail look should be perfect for you.


Deep Matte Brown


Brown is one key fall color that makes for interesting nail color. It’s the color of the trees once the leaves have fallen, the color of the leaves when they finally fall. Brown is a warm, underappreciated shade that is perfect to show off your nails, without feeling like you are bragging.


Deep Crimson Red


Why is red trending this fall? A better question would be, how could it not? Red is a signature fall color, perfect for any occasion. If you enjoy the bright red leaves and crunchy leaf piles, then show some appreciation through beautiful crimson nails.


When you decide what you want to do with your nails feel free to visit  Square One Salon at any of its locations. You can book us online, call, or visit one of our Ohio locations directly! It’s as easy as pie to make an appointment with us and we await your call!