The Best Ways To Prevent Cold-Chapped Hands In Winter - Square One Salon and Spa

October 25 2022

If you are one that is prone to dry hands during the cold, then you may want to look into some methods of ensuring your hands do not become chapped and painful this coming winter. You can do this in a number of ways, and we have a few suggestions, from manicures to proper products to make your hands stay soft, warm, and smooth throughout the harsh cold months.


What Causes Dry Hands?


Winter time is a dry season. This is what causes your hands to dry out. While it may not seem all that dry due to the slushy snow on the ground, the air becomes stripped of a lot of moisture when the cold sets in. This can have a really big effect on your hands and overall skin. It can be especially troublesome if your hands are not dried properly after washing, and if you are dehydrated. There are also some medical conditions like eczema that can leave you prone to these kinds of problems already, and cold dry weather will only make it worse if it is not properly attended to. 


Preventing Dry Hands In Winter


There are a couple of different ways to prevent dry hands in cold weather. Wearing gloves for one can help keep your hands safe from harsh elements. Keeping moisturizers on your person so that you can apply them as needed is also a good idea. Dry your hands well after washing them, and make sure to drink enough water as well. Another tip for washing is to not use steaming hot water- this can cause your skin to dry out even more quickly. Using warm water should suffice just fine when you are washing your hands well with soap. 


How Manicures Help Keep Your Skin Healthy 


Did you know that manicures can help to keep your skin healthy? They are about much more than nail art. When you get a manicure, your nails and cuticles are tended to, but so is your skin. We make sure to use top-quality moisturizing products when giving you your manicure so that when you leave they are both attractive and well moisturized. 


Preventing Chapped Hands With Aveda Hand Relief 


Using Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizer is one of the best ways to prevent the nuisance of uncomfortably dry hands when the cold weather starts. It is a rich, smoothing, soothing formula that omits toxic and unhelpful ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, and much more! It has the added benefit of utilizing absolutely no animal products, and is registered cruelty-free for vegans everywhere! Aveda is a brand that prides itself on its cruelty-free products, after all. You can also find comfort in using Aveda products due to the process of manufacturing. We utilize renewable energy, using wind power to fuel our process! This scent-free moisturizer is the perfect addition to your purse this winter, so make sure to stock up for the coming season!


If you struggle with dry hands you can find help at  Square One Salon. You can book us online, call, or visit one of our Ohio locations directly! We are ready for your call!