The 7 Most Fashionable Haircuts For Men This Summer - Square One Salon and Spa

June 25 2022

This summer it's important to keep up with hair management more than ever. With high temperatures all around, we need to make sure that we have a haircut that is cool and breezy- and this can be done while maintaining a fashionable look! Here we have a list of hairstyles perfect for fashionable men to keep cool in the summer heat.


Classic Pompadour


The pompadour is a classic, chic men’s hairstyle that is versatile with its style. It is a classy, professional look for a working man and easy to adapt to whatever style you may prefer. This style is done by, after the proper cut, brushing hair back on the head, leaving the top longer than the bottom. You can also successfully pull off this look regardless of your hair type. It is easy to maintain, not hard to style, and perfect for a stylish man in the summer heat. 


Textured with High Fade


Textured hair is a trend that has really grown among men lately, alongside cool fades, so why not combine them both into one? This is a versatile look, giving you the options to go with longer hair, shorter hair, and freedom over style. It is a little edgy with its cropped sides as well, making it a good fit for men who need a versatile hairstyle and want a little extra freedom over their looks.


Short Curls 


Short and curly hair will always be a win no matter the season. It may take a little more maintenance, but you can rest assured it will be worth it. If you have naturally curly hair, you will find however that the maintenance will lessen. This will save money on product and time on styling. Even if you end up perming your hair though, this style is just the right one to change your look and give yourself a new experience. When styling your hair, you are going to need styling products made for curly hair, so you can look your best every day.


Standing Spikey 


If you prefer a more retro, grunge look then shaggy, spiked hair might be the way to go. This style can have your hair short, or slightly longer to achieve a distinct spikey look and texture- just make sure that the hair is not too long or you risk not being able to make your hair hold shape.


Faded Buzz Cut


The Buzz cut is a cut most men have been familiar with in their day. It is one of the most simple looks to work with, but you can add some extra detail through the use of a fade. This handsome look will keep you from overheating in the sun while maintaining a look versatile for formal and casual settings. You can make this look appear neater by having your edges maintained by your stylist. 


Simple Crew Cut


This look is well known and commonly used because it does the job well. This cut is one the majority of men can really rock. It is a perfect look for a man who wants a casual look over a professional one- not that this look would not do the job well. It can be used to look nice during formal events, and it takes little effort to keep up with. You can even mess with the look a little by adding a fade or trying different lengths.


Faux Mohawk with Undercut


A faux hawk can be classy, punk, or anything in between depending on how you style it. The sides of the hair are shaved down to a certain point, leaving the hair on top and giving the look of a short mohawk. It is certainly a style that screams confidence and offers you cooler days both with the heat and with your reputation.


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