Restart Your Waxing Journey This Spring For These Great Benefits - Square One Salon and Spa

February 28 2023

Spring is here and it is time to restart your waxing game! Getting waxed isn’t just about beauty- but comfort too. You can get that when you come to Square One! Getting waxed is made easy, and your motivation will certainly increase when you see all these amazing reasons to pursue getting waxed now. 

Waxing Regularly Results In Finer Body Hair

Regular waxing means that the hair follicles over your body will slowly begin to weaken. This means that over time the hair that you want to remove will become finer, less bothersome, and easier to deal with. But this has to be maintained for a while, because when you stop for a few months your body has a chance to heal the hair follicles, making them begin to grow thick again. 

No More Shaving

Start waxing, and stop shaving! With consistent appointments every 2-5 weeks (depending on what you’re getting waxed) you can completely avoid shaving ever again. You’ll save time in the shower, and money on razors and shaving cream, and that’s without mentioning using less plastic in your day-to-day life. The plastic that disposable razors are made out of and come in just gets tossed out most days, so you lessen your impact on our ocean’s health by forgoing the razor.

Avoid Razor Burn, Cuts, and Ingrown Hairs.

No more shaving means no more accidental nicks and no more razor burn to worry about. You don’t have to worry about painful or uncomfortable ingrown hairs, or any other skin affliction shaving can bring you. Just say goodbye to scabs on the legs, uncomfortable itching, and everything else and, jump straight to your fun in the sun. 

The “Strawberry Leg” Problem

If you have never heard of strawberry legs, it's when you can still see spots along your legs where your pores and hair follicles are after shaving. These pores and follicles get clogged up, and are especially prominent on pale skin after shaving. Waxing can prevent this look. How? Waxing removes hair from the root, not just the skin’s surface. This means that trapped hair, and anything else that may take up space in your pores, gets removed and makes the leg look more even-toned and smooth.

Other Hair Removal Methods

Let's compare waxing to other methods of hair removal. Sugaring is a nice option, especially for those with sensitive skin and a low pain tolerance- but the problem with sugaring is that it isn’t always thorough. It can leave a few stray hairs- and the same goes with shaving. Now if you look into the hair removal creams, they leave you with exposure to chemicals harsh enough to remove your hair. This can be harsh on the skin too, especially if it’s delicate. And laser hair removal, while a permanent method of removal, can be hit or miss. For some, it may not be worth the pain and for others, it may hardly feel like anything. For all these reasons, waxing is one of the best options you can find for consistent hair removal. 

Pre and Post-Care Tips

Now when you make an appointment to get waxed, you both have to prep yourself and be ready to care for your sensitive skin afterward. To get your hair waxed properly, try to exfoliate a couple of days beforehand and make sure to let your hair grow to ¼ inch long. This will help ensure the wax can grip onto the hair. After your appointment, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, use sunscreen, and avoid chlorine until your skin is healed. 

For the best waxing available just come to Square One Salon at any of our locations! You can book an appointment with us online, call us, or go to visit any of our Ohio locations directly! We hope to see you soon.