People Are Going Crazy For These 5 Spring Hair Colors - Square One Salon and Spa

May 31 2022

The season of bright colorful hairstyles has come upon us once again, and you’re likely thinking about what new color you could try to complement current fashion trends. Well, worry no longer, because Square One salon is ready to help you choose the best seasonal colors for your new hair.

Strawberry Blonde

A popular natural color for anyone looking for a change but wants it to look natural! Strawberry blonde is perfect for people in positions where you can’t get a bright or crazy color, but still want something new. You can still keep up with the trends with this gorgeous blonde shade.

Colorful Pastel Tips

Pastels are a genius shade for Spring looks. And pairing pastels on your tips with silver or platinum is even better. These bright light colors are the best way to make yourself look as ready for springtime as the blossoming flowers or as preparation for summer as the colorful beach waves and bold summer sunsets. Pastels aren’t something you can go wrong with.

Chilling Winter Blue 

If you ever wanted to feel as if you were a winter monarch, this perhaps is the look you should go for. This bright, bold statement will not only give you a stellar look for Spring and Summer but also encourage your confident stride once you see how amazing it looks in the mirror. 

Pastel Peach

This soft, orangey-pink is positively perfect for those who love spring and summer. It’ll look lovely with sundresses and fishtail braids, and is perfect for warm days in the sun. 

Ice Blue, Lilac and Silver Balayage 

This is a look that is striking, fierce, and absolutely stunning. You’ll have ribbons of light purple, pastel blue, and silver through your hair, giving you a beautiful splash of color perfect for spring, but with a hint of remembrance of the past winter. 

If you’re desperate for a new color, you can visit any of our Square One Salon locations to set an appointment for your hair. You can book with us online, call, or you could even go so far as to visit one of our Ohio locations directly.