How Regular Facials Help Combat Teenage Acne - Square One Salon and Spa

April 14 2022

Being a teenager is an awkward time in life. It’s a time when self-image becomes increasingly important and acne runs wild. Having proper skincare can be key to your teenager’s self-confidence, and we want to let you know why getting frequent facials should be part of that.

Specialized Facials
There are facial treatments that are made specifically for combatting acne. Hormonal acne can be very hard to treat- for some people more so than others. All some people may need are at-home cleansers, while others may need prescribed medications to make it manageable. Facials designed to target acne can be a part of your treatment plan, and sometimes they can even be customized.

Teachable Moments
Working with a knowledgeable and experienced esthetician can help your teenager learn how best to care for their skin and combat stubborn and painful acne. This is an opportunity a lot of teenagers tend to miss out on, so coming in regularly, asking questions, and getting your routine set, offers a unique experience they can learn from so they can learn how to care for it on their own.

Improves Hydration
Teenagers can often find themselves combatting skin that’s overly dry, or excessively oily. Regular facials can help combat this by offering consistency to the skin. They will get professional-grade moisturizers regularly, which can help the skin learn to regulate its oil production better, as well as provide the skin with soothing and hydrating serums and creams.

Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation
Not all teenage acne will be caused by hormonal changes. Dead skin and dirt will also contribute to their acne problems, and this can be especially present in teenagers who participate in a lot of activities. Exfoliating can prevent these outbreaks by getting rid of the dead skin, and deep cleansing of pores will remove excess dirt and debris that may have found its way inside.

Soothes Sensitive Skin
There are some teenagers less lucky than others that have sensitive, easily inflamed skin. You'll want to speak with the dermatologist to determine what is best, however, during times when the skin is healed, a gentle facial can soothe the skin and reduce the levels of inflammation and give it a bit of a break.


Boost your teen's confidence and skin health by getting them a facial today. You can give them a Square One Salon gift card so that they can be in charge of their appointment themselves if you wish, or you can make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations. We’re available to book online, and you can call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.