Get To Know These Wonderful Benefits For Consistent Massages - Square One Salon and Spa

November 30 2022

Massages are an important and necessary part of health and relaxation. They hold a number of benefits, and there is enough variety in the technique that there is an option for everyone. If you want to be convinced to treat yourself, here are just a few reasons why getting a massage is great for your overall health- especially when received consistently. 


Improved Circulation


Circulation is improved with massage due to the stimulation of muscles and blood. Because of this your blood flow is encouraged to move, pumping more oxygen and nutrients into your cells, organs, and everything else. This helps to keep the body healthy, improve your overall blood flow, and can even help with the regulation of blood pressure.


Relieves Muscle Tension


Muscle tension is a source of pain and annoyance for many people- whether it’s from chronic health conditions, or simply stress, a massage can help. Working the tension out with a massage is a great way to help keep away issues like tension headaches and unnecessary back pain.


Production of Serotonin Relieves Anxiety 


Massages can help the regulation of hormones through the release of serotonin. By regulating your hormones and causing increased production of this very important chemical,  anxiety relief is imminent. Being overly anxious can absolutely wreck your gut health, as well as your mental health. Stress and worry can eat away at you, and without regulation can become much harder to deal with. Massages can help you cope with these problems, and clear your head enough to combat anything causing your anxiety.


Insomnia Treatment 


If you struggle with sleep, then you might just try out this treatment for size. See, with hormonal regulation comes better sleep. Serotonin helps to relieve anxiety, yes, but it also can help to target unrestful sleep and unhealthy sleeping patterns. This can inevitably help increase your energy levels, productivity, and overall happiness- meaning it can also help to regulate your moods.


Pain Reliever


If you struggle with chronic pain, migraines, cramping, or even just have stiff and sore muscles from a recent exercise routine, massage can help to relieve that pain. It is a natural, efficient way to relieve your body of pain without invasive procedures or medication. Not to mention, there are a variety of choices from hot stone massages to even a simple, relaxing massage chair treatment. 


Couples Bonding


You can also use massage time as a way to bond with those close to you. Taking a moment off together, to relax, and spend quality time can be a fantastic way to get in some needed couples time with your partner. Taking this time for each other is great for both physical and mental health- especially when it is being spent at the spa!


Improvement In Immune Function


Odd as it may sound, massages can actually help to improve and boost your immune system! How? Well, when you get a massage, the increased blood flow and effect on hormones promote healthy bodily function. Stress is proven to make you more susceptible to illness, and even pregnant women have been reported as gaining immune benefits from massage. Having a healthy mind and healthy body, will always help keep your immune system functioning well, which is modulated by massage. 


What Options Are There? 


At square one salon we offer three different massaging treatments for our guests. First, we have a massage chair- so if you are one who prefers a more hands-off massage or just want a cheaper option, then this is the one you’re looking for.


We also offer hot stone massages, which are perfect for pain relief and relieving muscle tension due to the heat of the stones. 


Table massages are our third option. You can’t go wrong with a classic table massage, and you know what to expect. Especially if you get massages often. Any of these options offers a great opportunity for relaxation on your day off. 


Get ready for your next massage at  Square One Salon with an appointment. You can book us online, call, or visit one of our Ohio locations directly! We hope to see you very soon.