Get Some Gorgeous Textured Curls With A Trendy Permed Look - Square One Salon and Spa

November 15 2022

Curls are a great way to change up your hair for winter trends and perms are the best way to make those curls permanent. Textured luxurious curls are absolutely lovely and worth trying out at least one time in life. Especially during a time when they are becoming more and more popular.


Why Should I get A Perm? 


The answer is simple. If you want to, there is no better reason to get a perm than the simple fact that you want to try it. It’s fun, it adds volume, and it is a new experience for you to try this year. It offers you new opportunities for your look and is a great way to try out new styles. Everyone looks stunning with a perm. This look is also customizable, because you can get a perm that is little more than bouncy waves, or you can get coily, bouncy curls, so make sure you know the curl type you want when you go in.


Can Curly Hair Be Dyed?


It absolutely can! Curly perms are perfectly safe to dye when they are put into the right hands- however, you can’t perm and color back to back. Perming will leave your hair vulnerable because perming is a chemical process. If you want to get a color on top of your perm, you should wait two weeks to 15 days before pursuing your color to give your hair time to recover. You can also go out of your way to seek stylists with curls or perms themselves because if they understand perms and curls well, you can rest easy knowing they will treat you and your hair with the tender care they need. 


Beautiful Colors For Winter Curls


This winter there are a lot of options for curls. One big example is maroon or ginger curls. Ginger hair is making a big boom, especially when combined with bouncy and wild kinky curls. Inky black shades are also in order, for a lot of people, as the cool-toned black color is the perfect contrast to the bright white snow.  Bright emerald green is also starting to gain popularity for winter. It is almost like a deep teal, which is a perfect bold but darker tone for cool weather. White, silver and toasty bronde shades are also incredibly popular looks you can try out after getting your perm- or if you want something a little more simple, try some casual highlights to make your perm pop. 


Are There Limitations On Who Can Be Permed?


The only people who should not seek out a perm are people with excessive damage in their hair. Even people with curls naturally can get perms- whether the purpose is to emphasize curl, make the hair curlier, or even just make the curls more uniform. Anyone can get a perm- as long as your hair is healthy. 


Post-Perm Hair Care


To care for your perm and curls, there are some important things to keep in mind. After your appointment, you must keep in mind that the chemicals are still taking time to lock in. So you want to leave it alone, and avoid getting it wet for about two days so that it keeps a lovely shape. You also want to be sure that you have the proper tools and knowledge for curly hair care. Detangling is an important process for curls, but the best way to do it is with a wide-toothed comb- or even your fingers. Using a hairbrush can cause a lot of unnecessary breakage with curls. There are also special hair care and styling products to make sure curls look their best. You can try using the Nutriplenish Curl Gelée to both keep hair hydrated, as well as style it beautifully at home. 


To start your journey with a new head of curls, contact one of our Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or visit any of our Ohio locations directly! We will see you soon!