Gender Neutral Pricing is Coming To Square One Salon! - Square One Salon and Spa

August 24 2022

Creating equality between men and women in our world is something that people have been fighting for decades, and unfortunately, there are still a plethora of ways people are being treated unfairly even today. Gender-specific prices in salons are just one of the problems we face on this front- and it really should not be. This is something you can see any time you look at most salon-price menus. While it is a salon tradition, it is important to think about the customer’s experience (and wallet) when it comes to gender-based pricing. Here are the reasons we have decided to gravitate towards more neutral pricing, instead of basing prices on gender alone. 


Why We Are Making This Change


The reason that haircuts have been based on gender for so long is based on the idea that men's hair is easier to work with. When women come into a salon, the expectation is that they will have longer, thicker hair and want complicated styling techniques among a variety of other treatments and that men will come in with their hair already short, typically for a trim or a simple style. Essentially, it was considered that men’s hair was less effort to work with. 


Unfortunately, while this is true at times, to consider it true for everyone and inconvenience the people it does not apply to is unfair. It is because of this that we have decided it isn’t a good way to price our cuts. Men have been choosing to grow their hair out longer for a long time, and those men are just as easy to work with as women with hair of that length. Women have also been adopting shorter hairstyles. So it only makes sense to instead base prices on the length of the person's hair, and how complicated the hairstyle they want to achieve, instead of basing that price on something they can’t control about themselves.


How We All Benefit From This Decision


When we break away from stereotyping people and charging them for those stereotypes, everyone benefits. In reality, it should not matter who walks through our doors. Everyone deserves to be charged fairly. Doing this means that no one is going to be charged an exorbitant amount of money based on something unrelated to what they want to be done with their hair. Every woman around who comes into our salon with a bob or pixie cut will be pleased to know that she will not be charged the same amount of money as someone with waist-length hair. Likewise, when we work on someone with long hair, no matter their gender, we will actually be able to charge what the cut is worth, instead of giving an unwarranted discount simply because the customer may be a man.


While other salons may still offer pricing based on a “women’s cut and style” or a “men’s cut and style”, you can walk into our salon comfortable in the knowledge that all we care more about treating people right and only charging them for the service we provide, than an outdated pricing method. 


If you want to check out our new prices you can look at any of our Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or visit one of our Ohio locations directly! We look forward to having you.