Fresh Start to Spring with a New Hair Color or Highlight - Square One Salon and Spa

February 28 2022

Now that Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about changing up your old look for something new. We’re here to let you in on the latest spring hair trends and help you achieve a striking new look for the coming season with a brand new hair color that will keep you looking cool, chic, and sensational. 

Platinum Blonde
That’s right - platinum blondes are back this year. This hair color requires a bit of commitment. It’s a little more difficult to maintain, but it’s absolutely worth it. Combine this silvery color with some voluminous bouncy waves and you’re sure to be turning heads. This one is particularly achievable by people who already have light-colored hair.

If this is a color you’ve ever wanted to try then now is the time. This is a color that has been trending for a while, and it’s nice to see when certain trends carry over from season to season. This dusty blue hue might be exactly what you need to compliment your spring wardrobe - and trust us, it’s not a look you’re going to regret. 

Mysterious Burgundy
Burgundy is a rich, deep shade of red, and while it’s more typical for the winter months, it is coming out this spring with a bang. It’s a bold and noticeable look and will be the perfect pop against the bright colors of spring. 

Strawberry Blonde
Now this one is a classic - a shade of blonde with light auburn hues is a must for those blondes out there looking to change up their look. It’s an easy transition and keeps it looking natural for anyone who needs to keep up appearances in their workplace. 

Caramel-Mocha Highlights
This particular trend relies on having a dark base and highlighting strategic strands to give them a loud pop. You’ll have gorgeous caramel-colored highlights painted through your hair against the darker mocha background, and it will look especially stunning when combined with curls or a perm as it will pronounce those lighter strands even more and give it a more natural appearance.

Baby Pink
Any pastel lovers out there are in luck this coming spring because baby pink is in. Experts are predicting that this is a color that will be incredibly sought after. It’s a soft, bright color that will complement spring flowers and sundresses easily. But it is also a bold statement that will, like in the name, keep up a youthful appearance. 

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