Explore Our Hair Texture Services at Square One Salon - Square One Salon and Spa

September 15 2021

We’ve all been there. You want a change in hairstyle but you’re afraid the texture of your hair won’t allow you to venture beyond your current style. If your hair is too straight or too curly to work with the hot new fall hairstyle that you want, your Square One Salon’s stylist can easily change your hair’s texture to give you the hairstyle you desire.

If you’re like many, you’ve probably spent countless unsuccessful hours trying to change your hair’s texture with curling wands and flat irons just to end up frustrated because it doesn’t last or it just makes your hair frizzy. That’s because the structure of your hair needs professional hair texture services to alter the structure and texture, whether that is through a perm, a relaxer, or a Keratin treatment.

Permanent Wave: If your hair is naturally straight, a perm is a great way to enjoy the curly hair trends we’re seeing. At Square One, our perms are customizable to allow you to choose the size of curl you want. Unlike perms of the past, our modern perms focus on hair health and include integrating nutrients and moisturizers into your hair to keep it healthy while altering the structure from straight to curly. We also offer specialty waves where we can use different wrapping and curling techniques for multiple textures and unique waves.

Relaxers: A relaxer is the process of chemically straightening hair that’s naturally curly or wavy. Relaxers permanently alter your hair structure making it straighter. The effects are only for hair that’s been touched by the relaxer so as your hair grows, your new hair at the roots won’t receive the benefits of the relaxer, so it’ll be time for a touch-up if you want to keep the same straight texture.

Keratin Blowout: A keratin blowout infuses keratin, a protein that creates your hair’s structure, into your hair. By adding keratin to your hair, it makes your hair stronger and resilient. It also works to relax the curl. While it isn’t a permanent change, it can relax your curl, calm the frizz, and keep your new hairstyle soft and manageable while repairing any damage.

Our stylists are ready to give you the hair texture and style you want while ensuring your hair is healthy, supple, and manageable. Make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations. You can book online or call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.