College Mornings Made Easy with Quick Hairstyles - Square One Salon and Spa

August 15 2021

If you’re headed back to campus this fall, now’s a great time for a haircut, style, and a fresh new color At Square One Salon. Although a new hairstyle and color will be great to start the school year off right, there will also come a time when you’ll need some quick and easy hairstyle ideas.

Anyone who isn’t just starting college knows that you’ll inevitably be finding yourself short on time for beauty and style with all the classes, studying, networking events, and social occasions that will take up a majority of your time and energy. Here are some hairstyle inspirations to get you through the semester with great-looking hair even when you’re in a rush.

Textured Pony. A textured ponytail, or piece-y pony, with pieces of your hair left down in the front, is a softer look than a tight slicked back pony and it’ll look messy but in a planned-out, good way. It’s a revisited style for the 90s grunge look. If you went blonde this summer and find that your roots are starting to grow back – leave them! The rooty blonde color of dark roots with blonde hair is still trending and looks great in a piece-y ponytail.

Loose braids. Sometimes you may need an effortless, “messy but chic” look and that’s where loose braids can be helpful. Braid your hair into a messy fishtail braid, push away the sides, and you’re off to class. If you want to be trendy, keep the braids loose. If you need something a little classier to go somewhere after classes, practice making it a little neater and the braids just a little tighter.

Flipped-out ends. When you have some extra time in the morning and want to get a little more dressed up, add some style with these flipped-out ends. All you need is some smoothing serum and a flat iron. Use your flat iron to work one section at a time. As you near the bottom of your locks, flip up the ends ever so slightly. Use the smoothing serum to finish off with a polished look to get rid of any flyaways and you’re ready to take on the day.

Unending wet look. Sometimes you’ll wish that you can just hop out of the shower and head off to class. You can with this wet look! Use a mousse to style your hair in a wet look and to offer a soft hold for the day. Finish off with a shine serum for that sheen of a wet look. It’s also a great look to use to give your hair a break from heat styling.

Twist in a hair comb clip. If you habitually use tight hair ties to put your hair up, give your hair a rest from the tightness of the band and use a hair comb clip for a great look. Turn your hair into a twist, lay the clip on the curve of your head, and use the teeth of the comb to secure the clip into your twist. It’s a quick and easy way to look put together while you’re in class all day.

Subtle babylights. If you aren’t ready for a whole new hairstyle but want a subtle change that will help you stand out, try having some babylights added to your hair in the perfect fall color to complement your hair color. For brunettes and blondes, we’re seeing caramel babylights and for redheads, we are seeing an increase in copper babylights warming up the season.

Love the layers. Whether your hair is parted down the middle or on the side, adding layers to your hair can give you an updated, modern look for the new school year. Since you’ll probably still want to be able to throw your hair up in a bun or pony on those busy mornings, be sure to let your Square One stylist know to cut the shortest layer so that it’s still long enough to be put up.

Whether you’re heading off to college or living at home and commuting, you will definitely need some quick hairstyles for that morning chaos! If you’re ready for a change in your hair color or hairstyle, make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations. You can book online or call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.