Check Out These 9 On The Go Hairstyles For Busy Women - Square One Salon and Spa

December 30 2022

Just because you are rushed, does not mean that you can’t have a sense of style! You can still have gorgeous hair no matter how big of a rush you are in. And at Square One we want to help you have the great hair you deserve, even when pressed for time. So here are some great, easy styles you can accomplish in just a few minutes. 


Wash And Go Curls


If you’re a on-the-go woman with curly hair, one of the best things about it is that you don’t really have to do much of anything outside your normal routine. Once your hair is washed and dried, it already looks great! Just give it a tousle to break apart larger curl clumps, and you will have fluffy, gorgeous hair just ready to go.


Knotted Bun


Buns and knots are honestly a girl's best friend. Especially if you can’t think of anything to really do with your hair. Buns are cute, and if you turn them into a knot they even have some detail and even more style. You’ll look like you had time to get ready, without putting much time into your look at all. 


Double Fishtails


Fishtails can really be done anywhere, as long as you have hair ties to keep them together. You can do fishtails on the way to work, out the door, in the car, or in your office, and you don’t even have to do pigtails. If you prefer, just one will work well! You can incorporate it into a bun too if you want a little something extra, but for someone in a rush, you want as much time as you can spare. So do what suits you best!


Braided Bun


Adding a braid to your bun is a very pretty way to add personality to your hair without having to put forth more effort than usual. The results are pretty, the process is quick and easy, and you leave a good impression on the people around you. 


Gibson Tuck


A Gibson tuck is a pretty, simple, Edwardian-style hairdo you can accomplish by simply rolling and pinning a normal ponytail to the base part of your head. It might be a little old-fashioned, but once you have the technique done you will have an easy, versatile hairdo you can do with any length of hair.


The Headband Updo


If you want something quick to get your hair out of your face, without having to rely on ponytails, try this style. All you have to do is get an elastic headband, and carefully, neatly tuck the hair in around the band after placing it on your head. If you want to change up the look sometimes, you could add floral pins and different colored bands to the look. 


Half-Up Bun With Tousled Hair


Half-up buns and knots are a great, fancier but casual style you can do without needing much time to do them. But pairing this updo with bottom hair that's neat, but lightly tousled offers great depth and beauty to the hair as well, and helps it look more casual. 


Hair-Wrapped Ponytail


If you want to make your normal ponytail a little different, you can try this look. Just tossing your hair up into a ponytail can feel boring after a while, so you want to liven up the look! Just using some hair to cover up the elastic can make a noticeable difference, and make your look appear more put-together and professional, without much change to your routine at all. 


Half Up Celtic Knot


A Celtic knot is a little rarer to see, but it is super easy! And once you have learned how to do it, it will take no time at all. It’s almost like a fancy braid for the back of your head, in the way it looks. And it provides a nice half up half down style you’ll love. 


If you’re looking for one of these styles, or even something a little more flashy, you can come to Square One Salon at any of our locations! You can book an appointment online, call us, or even go visit any of our Ohio locations directly! We look forward to seeing you.