7 College Hair Hacks For Beautiful, Healthy Hair All Semester - Square One Salon and Spa

September 9 2022

When you are in college, maintaining your hair can be difficult, and low priority. Sure, getting it cut and styled is important, but during your time pursuing your education, you want to put your focus and money into studies, supplies, food, and tuition. So knowing how to care for your hair in a healthy way even when you are strapped for time and money, and how to style it quickly and nicely, will help reduce that much more stress and give you a chance to thrive just a little more. 


Skipping Washes


This may sound a little counterintuitive, but it will save you money on hair care products, save you time, and keep your hair healthier. Washing your hair too much can cause it to get brittle and dry, so you can save cash on shampoo just by not washing it as often. This also means that you do not have to worry or stress about keeping your hair clean and healthy as much, because it needs less maintenance than you may have initially thought. Granted, any day that you work out, sweat, or get dirty, you should wash it. But in general, if you have stayed clean and have not been very active that day, you can skip a wash. 


Protective Braiding


Braiding your hair will provide a variety of benefits for easy maintenance. For example, it is a simple, pretty hairstyle with a ton of variety available. You can do french braids, dutch braids, fishtail braids, normal braids, or even snake braids. Braiding your hair before you go out gives you a lovely look to flaunt. It also keeps your hair up and out of your face and keeps it from becoming a messy, tangled heap throughout the day. The fewer tangles, the less brushing, and the less brushing, the less likely you are to be rough with your hair and cause extra breakage. The same thing goes for right before you go to bed. If you have cotton sheets and pillowcases, know that cotton can be abrasive to hair. You do not have to get rid of it- it works, it’s comfy, and it’s cheap. Just adding that braid before you go to bed is an extra layer of protection that is low effort and keeps your hair healthy. 


Trim Trim Trim!


Getting trims, even if it is just a light trim from a roommate you trust, can make all the difference. Every eight weeks or so, it is good to check up on your tips, see how healthy they are, and remove any dead ends. This will keep your ends from getting frizzy and puffy, and promote growth in your hair overall. 


Ponytail Variety


If you need a style that is quick, easy, and stunning, you can count on a trendy pony. Ponytails can be varied with relative ease. You can go for a normal, everyday ponytail. You could also use a pin to give a fake pony look, where you wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to make it look like your hair is elastic. You can use bubble braids, and plaits, go for a sleek look or add clips and accessories to give your ponytail a unique style. 


Hair Clips


Don’t have enough time to style your hair before class? Don’t want to put a ton of effort into your look, but still want to be put together? Picking up a couple of stylish hair clips can be your best bet. These are especially good for lazy days when you just simply want to be done with the routine and need to spend your time focusing on other things. 


Watch Products


You do not want to waste your money on products that are going to hurt your hair, or that you will not use. Pay attention to the ingredients, so you know they are good for your hair. Avoiding things like parabens, formaldehyde, dehydrating alcohol ingredients, and sulfates can help keep you, your hair, and your scalp healthy and hydrated. On top of that, watch the scents you purchase too. What scents will you enjoy most? The more you enjoy the product's scent, the more likely you are to use it. That way you have the best products for your hair, and you will be sure to utilize them and not waste a drop. 


Heatless Curls


Need a quick, fancy hairstyle without the extra time and money? Heatless curls are a good way to achieve this! You can buy simple curlers from a dollar store to use overnight, or you can use one of the many trends found online that are just as effective. Using the socks in your wardrobe, you can utilize the sock method of heatless curls. You can also use the headband method- where you use a cloth, elastic headband to wrap your hair around and let dry in loose ringlets. Or if you want some simple mermaid waves, an overnight braid will do just the trick! Each of these methods should be set with hairspray prior to taking them down. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about heat damage when you use heatless curls.


If you need help maintaining your hair, need a trim, or have a head of hair in need of attention, come to one of our Square One Salon locations. You can book with us online, call, or visit one of our Ohio locations directly! We look forward to serving you.