6 Lovely Pedicure Ideas for Sandal Weather - Square One Salon and Spa

April 29 2022

With the hot weather coming in, sandal season is upon us. That means that it’s time to start getting pedicures again, and this year has some gorgeous styles and colors trending. We want to help you stay looking cool and chic, so if you’ve run low on ideas, you can browse our list of the current fashionable looks for this year's pedicures. 

Bright Cherry Red
Red is a classic and mature color and a wonderful pop of color to accompany the heat. It’s one color that pairs well with most outfits as well, giving a zesty pop of red to liven up any look you may choose. 

Muted Olive Green
Green is the new black for summertime pedicures. This particular color is perfect to combine with some floral or leafy patterns as well because it will blend in well with the theme. It’ll match the earthy tones of the new season beautifully. 

Periwinkle Toes
Periwinkle is as popular in nails this year as it is in hair, and for good reason. The soft lilac undertones in this color are absolutely gorgeous. Add in an accent nail with a white flower with this color for some extra detail. 

French Pedicure
It’s simple but classic. You can never go wrong with giving your toes a white french tip. This look will keep you looking soft and fresh all year long. You can be certain as well that this lovely pedicure, while it’s fashionable and trendy, won’t upstage any new shoes you’ve purchased to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Colorful Polka Dots
Polka dots are a great idea to spice up your pedicure’s design. You can do it in multiple colors or one, and it’s cute enough to show off when you’ve got on your flip-flops but simple enough that you won’t feel like you have to.

Gorgeous N Glittery 
If you love glitter and all things shiny, you’ll love this trend. Blue and silver glitter especially has proven popular this season and offers some extra dazzle for anyone who wants a bold and bedazzled look. 

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