5 Benefits of a Square One Salon Waxing Routine - Square One Salon and Spa

May 31 2021

If you’re getting excited about the warm days of summer, but have been skipping your regular wax routine, now’s the time to start back up for smooth, healthy-looking skin just in time for those cute summer outfits. At Square One Salon, we offer waxing services for both men and women to make sure unwanted hair is removed from those trouble spots.

Whether you’re a woman looking for a bikini wax, leg wax, or needing some hair removal on another part of your body, or a man looking for some facial grooming or chest and back waxing, we can help!

We use warm wax to remove your hair, in the opposite direction of your follicle growth, to ensure we get the whole root for smooth skin. Here are some other benefits to waxing regularly over hair removal at home.

Wax is a great exfoliator. When you wax, the process of hair removal is also exfoliating your skin by removing dead skin cells that regular cleansing at home won’t remove. Consistent exfoliation also encourages collagen production and promotes new cell growth. This leaves your skin healthy with no clogged pores, feeling smooth, and looking radiant.

Why NOT to wax or shave at home. Trying to wax yourself at home can cause even more trouble! Waxing yourself is typically more painful because you’re removing your own hair. This can distract you from being precise and it can cause you to remove the strip too slowly resulting in more pain. Another reason to not wax at home is that if you don’t exfoliate your skin properly, the dead skin and dirt that clogs the pores can cause a red, bumpy rash from waxing. Shaving at home can cause nicks, cuts, and razor burn, and no matter how sharp your razor is, hair is only removed at the surface, causing hair to grow back quicker and sometimes, thicker.

Salon waxing removes hair at the root. When you get a waxing treatment at Square One Salon, our wax experts are trained in the best techniques to remove hair at the root. Removing hair at the root slows regrowth since each hair shaft has to reconstruct itself before the hair can begin to grow back. Typically, this takes several weeks but when you engage in a regular waxing routine, it can last even longer.

Averts ingrown hairs. Since waxing causes your hair to grow back finer, ingrown hairs are less likely to occur. When you remove hair at home, ingrown hairs have a greater chance of occurring from shaving, due to hair only being removed at the surface, and from DIY waxing because hair removal may be done incorrectly and can cause hair to grow back wrong.

Salon waxing is quick and easy!  Waxing is so easy; you can do it as an add-on to another salon treatment while you are already in our salon. You can even pop in for a wax treatment during your lunch with no downtime.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll leave the salon with smooth, healthy, glowing skin. If you’re ready to get your skin revitalized and healthy with one of our expert estheticians, make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations. You can book online or call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.